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T.V. Appearances


After many years at the forefront of the Whitby Jet industry, our historic W. Hamond store and the W. Hamond Museum of Whitby Jet have made many appearances on both the small and big screen, from history and geology documentaries to Hollywood blockbusters! Here are some examples of where you may have seen us before.

Channel 5, Our Great Yorkshire Life (2022)

Filming for the Channel 5 series  ‘Our Great Yorkshire Life, we had the pleasure of welcoming The Yorkshire Vet himself, Peter Wright, along with his lovely wife Lin, for a behind the scenes tour of W. Hamond’s historic Whitby Jet workshop.
While Lin had a go at Jet carving, Peter asked Jeweller and Jet specialist Rebecca all about the gemstone’s history and importance.

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Channel 5, Susan Calman's Grand Day Out in Yorkshire

Season 1, Episode 3 (2021)

We had great fun filming with Susan and giving a few tips on where to find Whitby Jet. “The comedian ventures east of the Pennines on a 126-mile journey that begins at the North Yorkshire village of Runswick Bay, where she goes hunting for a rare gemstone called Whitby Jet".

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Jewelry Television (JTV), What’s in the Box? (2019)

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee; JTV is an American television network, with a strong focus on gemmology and jewellery education at the very core of the business. One of JTV’s popular programmes is ‘What’s in the Box?’, where an expert explains all about a mystery gemstone to one of JTV’s presenters. Want to know which black gemstone is pulled out of the box in this episode?


BBC1, Antiques Roadshow

Series 41, Cromer Pier (2019)

The Museum of Whitby Jet teamed up with Antiques Roadshow expert Joanna Hardy for a game of ‘Spot the Fake’, where Fiona Bruce was faced with three items of black jewellery, one being an imposter called Vulcanite (a form of hard rubber and the same material used to make car tyres) Despite inspecting the items and help from the crowds, Fiona guesses wrong!

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Channel 4, Britain at Low Tide – In East Yorkshire

Series 2, Episode 5 (2018)

Britain at Low Tide is a coastal documentary on Britain’s island history that appears and disappears as the tide rolls in. In season 2, episode 5, archaeologist Charlotte Mecklenburgh visits the Museum of Whitby Jet, meeting curator Rebecca Tucker to discuss the jet industry which blossomed thanks to the Victorians’ love of a holiday souvenir and Queen Victoria’s choice of mourning jewellery.

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BBC2, Back to the Land

Series 2, Episode 5 (2018)

Presented by Kate Humble, ‘Back to the Land’ is a series which champions the UK’s most inspirational and rural businesses and entrepreneurs. In Episode 5 of Series 2, Kate journeys into the Whitby Jet Industry with W. Hamond’s jet worker Rebecca Tucker. Rebecca crafts the famous organic gemstone in its raw form, shaping it and setting it into silver and gold jewellery before polishing it into its famous mirror-like shine and jet-black colour.

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Jewelry Television (JTV), Gem Lovers Conference

Interview (2018)

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Netflix, The Grand Tour

Series 1, Episode 3 (2016)

ITV, Turning Jet Into Jewels - Ade in Britain (2014)   

While filming his TV programme Ade in Britain, Ade Edmonson visited our W. Hamond store on the hunt for the town’s famous Whitby jet gemstone. The show, which focuses on the unique, eccentricities and character of local regions, brought the actor and comedian into Whitby, where he was given a first-hand demonstration on the production of Whitby Jet jewellery by W. Hamond’s jet worker Rebecca Tucker.

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BBC1, Antiques Road Trip

Series 2, Episode 19 (2013)

Back in 2013, we were joined by the late David Barby and the Antiques Road Trip team for an in-depth look at the Whitby jet industry, which included a search for the gemstone on the beaches surrounding Whitby, a discussion on the history of the gemstone, and a look at the manufacturing jet workshops, where David even had a go at jet carving himself!    


BBC2, Michael Portillo Great Railway Journeys

Series 2, Episode 12 (2012)                              

British journalist, broadcaster and former Member of Parliament Michael Portillo visited our W Hamond store while filming his television series, Great British Railway Journeys. The documentary series showed him travelling the length and breadth of the country by train and included a stop in Whitby where he was keen to learn more about the home of Dracula and our famous Whitby jet gemstone.

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Warner Bros - Possession (2002)

In the 2002 film Possession, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, the young actress and her co-star Jennifer Ehle are both seen wearing a finely carved Victorian Whitby jet brooch. The film travels between two time periods; present day and the Victorian era and includes a scene where Paltrow visits our W. Hamond store. The wardrobe department captured the period perfectly, with the Whitby jet brooch being a highly fashionable and coveted piece of jewellery both then and now.

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